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Joe Thomas Tree Care

Established since 2012 and with a wealth of experience, Joe Thomas Tree Care operates both domestically and commercially to offer tree diagnosis, treatment, prevention and care services in Trowbridge, Bath, Bradford on Avon and the surrounding areas in or around Somerset and West Wiltshire.


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We are motivated by a genuine love & care for the environment and the trees within it. As we share our living, working and playing spaces with trees. We ensure that these areas are safe for co-habitation.

We do this work with minimum disruption to the surroundings, aiming to leave our work area in a better state than we found it.

We have worked on some fantastic projects and places from people’s properties to schools to National Trust parks. Our philosophy & attitude towards trees is at the heart of what our clients appreciate about us & our work. We’re proud that so many look to us again and again for the care of their trees and shrubs.

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Honest & Trustworthy Advice

We give our honest advice when it comes to giving quotes to our clients and we don’t exist to simply cut down trees. We take a holistic approach when it comes to our work and with an eco-friendly ethos, we explore the situation just in case we can keep our clients satisfied and a tree still standing.


A professional and excellent service, our clients are always happy.

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Joe Thomas Tree Care

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